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It’s probably impossible to find a person who hasn’t struggled with dark circles under the eyes at some point in their life. While it’s generally normal to have dark circles and, in most cases, doesn’t require medical attention, they make a lot of people feel uncomfortable and even self-conscious. The good news is that there is a way out of this predicament. In fact, there is more than one way to cope with this skin issue. Below, we review all the methods you can use to diminish those annoying spots under your eyes and give our professional opinion on the effectiveness of these methods.

What Causes Circles Under Eyes?

While most people believe that dark circles under the eyes indicate that a person is tired or didn’t get enough sleep, there are many other things that can cause this cosmetic issue. For instance, dark circles can be the first tell-tale sign of excessive stress, poor diet, and, in some cases, complete exhaustion.

One of the most common causes of dark circles is hyperpigmentation, which may be triggered by genetic and environmental factors such as smoking, sun exposure, and, of course, lack of sleep. For instance, people of Asian and African heritage are generally predisposed to hyperpigmentation below their eyes because the skin on their lower eyelids is naturally thin. As a result, the veins located in and underneath the skin peek through, making the skin look a bit darker than the surrounding areas.

Seasonal allergies and nasal congestion can also contribute to impaired circulation in the lower eyelid, resulting in dilated veins. As a result, the veins start to appear larger and darker, enhancing the appearance of dark circles. Furthermore, as we age, the volume of fat and collagen under the eyes decreases, which becomes a significant contributor to the appearance of dark circles. Finally, thinner skin creates a sunken look, which only amplifies the dark circles.

Another factor is screen time. Today, most of us spend many long hours staring at screens on our phones, laptops, and television sets, which can damage our eyes and negatively affect our skin. The more time we spend in front of a screen, the more likely we are to strain our eyes, which can lead to the dilation of blood vessels and contribute to black shadows on the face.

While it’s important to find the root of dark circles, the key question is how to get rid of them. This is why Dr. Martin Kinsella and the team put together this guide to the best remedies for bags and circles under the eyes. Keep reading to find out what will – and will not – help you combat the issue and look more fresh and well-rested.

Best Ways To Diminish Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Use skincare products

The first thing you need to know is that using good skincare products is key to healthy skin. Not only do they hydrate the skin, but they also nourish it with the necessary vitamins. Over-the-counter skin brighteners available in serum, gel, oil, or cream formats can get rid of a dull look and boost the radiance of your skin. It’s best to choose products containing vitamin C, which can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles caused by increased melanin production. Apply the serum or cream of your choice to the skin twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Today, there are hundreds of skincare products that claim to help with wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes, and other issues. However, finding a product that works can become a real challenge. This is where Dr. Kinsella comes in. Our brand features an innovative and unique skincare product line intended specifically to improve the condition of your skin and help with the signs of ageing by combining key active components with CBD. Our ultra-hydrating, weightless Premium Eye Serum features caffeine and vitamin C combined with other active ingredients. When used regularly, the serum improves skin firmness and eliminates puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes, leaving the skin nourished, toned, and invigorated.

Vitamin E is one of your best allies in the fight against free radicals, which are responsible for ageing signs such as wrinkles. Some people opt to use pure vitamin E oil on the skin to combat dark circles, but it can clog pores and lead to acne. Instead, we recommend using products enriched with vitamin E, such as Dr. Kinsella Premium Glow Oil.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most critical products in any skincare routine. In addition to protecting you from sun damage and slowing down skin ageing, sunscreen can also help prevent dark circles. We recommend choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, applying it up to your lash line, and wearing sunglasses in the sun for extra protection. Opt for an under-eye concealer with a broad-spectrum SPF if you want to protect your skin while also concealing dark circles.

Change your diet

Dermatologists agree that any attempt to diminish dark circles should involve a careful examination of your diet. Unfortunately, there is no quick and fool-proof solution for eye bags, but a balanced anti-inflammatory diet rich in lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains can bring about major benefits for the skin on your entire body, including the under-eye area.

Furthermore, some fruits and vegetables can help lessen those pesky black circles and keep them from getting worse. Take a look at tomatoes, for example. They contain lycopene, an antioxidant that improves circulation and preserves blood vessels. Thus, you can try adding more tomatoes to your diet if you suffer from dark circles.

Blueberries, melons, oranges, and beets are also great products to include in your diet if you suffer from raccoon eyes. And don’t forget about salmon and walnuts, which are packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients enhance blood flow to the skin by pushing blood away from the eyes, preventing the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

However, the most delicious yet the most surprising product that can help you get rid of dark circles is chocolate. Remember how you were always told that chocolate is bad for the skin? Well, it’s not entirely true. Flavonol-rich foods like dark chocolate protect against the detrimental effects of UV radiation, lessening the visible signs of skin ageing caused by excessive sun exposure.

Unfortunately, there are also some habits and products you will have to refrain from if you want to always look fresh and well-rested. First of all, it’s imperative to curb your salt consumption. You may have noticed that you look and feel puffy and bloated when you consume too much salt. The main problem is that the skin around your eyes is extremely fragile, delicate, and susceptible to dehydration. So when you eat a salty meal but don’t drink enough water, your body will retain moisture around the eyes to prevent that area from getting dehydrated, making them look puffy. Therefore, if you intend to eat anything salty, make sure to drink enough water to compensate for it. And better yet, stay away from salty foods completely.

Although salt can be harmful to your looks, nothing dehydrates your body more than alcohol. Do you recall the last time you had a hangover? You’ve probably noticed that your eyes were red and puffy the next morning, and that’s due to alcohol-related dehydration. Thus, if you have a problem with eye bags, circles, and puffiness, try to curb your alcohol consumption and restrict yourself to no more than two drinks. You should also drink lots of water before going to bed and use a night cream or moisturiser under your eyes after a night out.

We suggest trying our Premium Face Cream enriched with vitamin C, jojoba oil, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and other powerful active ingredients that help get rid of extra pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and improve your skin tone. Its unique formula creates a lightweight yet intensely moisturising cream, which is a perfect fit for a wide range of skin types.

Adopt healthy habits

It’s not a secret that our lifestyle and habits directly affect the appearance of our skin. Thus, there are a few positive habits you can adopt to improve the look of your dark circles. Here are some of them:

Get more sleep

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep in preventing under-eye bags and circles. A good sleep pattern can also help lessen the appearance of the existing dark circles, whereas sleep deprivation might make your skin look pale, emphasising them. So try getting 8 hours of quality sleep every night and enjoy watching your under-eye circles disappear.

Elevate your head

While sleep deprivation may be one of the reasons for bags and circles under your eyes, the way you sleep and your sleeping position are also important. Try using a couple of cushions to lift your head during sleep. It will keep fluid from accumulating under your eyes, preventing inflammation, swelling, and puffiness the next morning.

Use an eye massager

Gentle daily eye massage increases blood flow to the under-eye area of your skin and prevents blood from accumulating in the capillaries beneath your eyes.

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your side or stomach enables gravity to do its job and allows fluid to accumulate beneath your eyes. Try sleeping on your back with an additional cushion under your head to prevent this from happening.

Exercises combined with meditation

Regular exercise can improve circulation to the entire body and increase blood flow to the skin, transforming an aged, dull complexion into brighter, younger-looking skin, particularly in the sensitive area under your eyes. Furthermore, a daily release of endorphins into your bloodstream will help keep anxiety and depression at bay, making you happier and calmer.

Meditation, whether it’s mindfulness exercises after yoga or peace of mind found on a long, relaxing run or swim, also helps to keep stress at bay, preventing wrinkles and fine lines that come with it.

Apply compresses

Homemade compresses can be an excellent choice if you need to refresh your skin and improve its appearance quickly. However, you should keep in mind that while cold compresses can have a good short-term effect, they should not be treated as substitutes for quality skincare. We advise using them only as an addition to your eye cream or serum.

Cold compress

A cold compress can have a great short-term impact on your skin. It can help lessen swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels under your eyes, diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. All you need to do to make this compress at home is wrap a couple of ice cubes in a clean washcloth or towel and place the compress on the skin beneath your eyes for approximately five minutes.

Another alternative is to moisten a cloth or towel with cold water and use it to gently massage the area beneath your eyes for about 20 minutes. There are also dozens of other options to try. For example, you can take advantage of gel eye masks and patches. However, don’t forget to put them in the refrigerator to cool before applying them to your face for 10 minutes. Keep in mind that despite popular claims, eye masks and patches provide only a temporary effect.

Cucumber compress

You’ve probably seen cucumber slices used as cold compresses on television and in movies countless times. But does this method really work, or is it just a myth created by the media? Interestingly, cucumber compresses can actually have a mild temporary effect.

This is all thanks to the skin-lightening and mild astringent properties of this vegetable, meaning you can use its slices to naturally treat raccoon eyes. All you have to do is cut a fresh cucumber into thick slices and put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then put the pieces on your eyes for approximately 10 minutes. After the procedure, rinse your eyes with warm (but not hot) water and follow up with Dr. Kinsella Premium Eye Serum for a better effect.

Cold tea bags

If you don’t have a cold compress or mask on hand, use tea bags instead. Many types of tea, such as green tea, contain antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe strained capillaries under your eyes. To make a compress from tea bags, just soak two bags in clean boiled water for 5 minutes, take them out of the liquid, and place them in the refrigerator until they cool down. After that, put the tea bags over your eyes for 30 minutes. Rinse your skin with warm water after the treatment and follow up with an eye serum to prolong the effect.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil compresses are sometimes used to lighten dark under-eye circles and moisturise the skin. Coconut oil can be applied to the skin, left to sit overnight, and rinsed off in the morning. However, there is little proof that this method is effective. If you choose to use it, we recommend following up with high-quality skincare products to ensure the effect.

Use makeup

You can also try using a little makeup magic to diminish the appearance of dark circles instantly. However, there’s a trick to doing this effectively. The key lies in colour correction. First of all, think about the colours you are trying to conceal. For example, if your face features dark shades of blue or grey colours, you’ll need to use a warm peach-coloured concealer to disguise those undertones. Alternatively, you will need to use a concealer with yellow undertones to cover pinkish and red circles.

When it comes to the application, it’s best not to overdo it. Applying only a thin veil of the right tone is much more effective than trying to completely eliminate dark circles with a ton of coverage.

If a neutralising concealer isn’t working, try using products that reflect light. If you apply reflective makeup primer or foundation to your under-eye area, they will bounce the light out from beneath the eye. These products are especially effective if you use them in the inner corner of the eye. Just make sure to add a little powder on top to avoid overemphasising the under-eye area.

Try medical treatments

A more permanent solution against dark circles and eye bags is to seek help from a specialist and try professional beauty treatments or even medical procedures. Here are some of the most common solutions:

However, keep in mind that these treatments can be expensive and invasive. Thus, they are generally reserved for people who have severe dark circles that can’t be helped with other methods. We suggest trying a high-quality eye serum or cream such as Dr. Kinsella products before resorting to these methods.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, we suggest using high-quality skincare products and making some diet and lifestyle changes to tackle the issue. The Dr. Kinsella brand is more than happy to provide you with high-quality products which will soon become the favourite part of your daily beauty routine. If you’re looking for premium products that can improve the quality of the skin, hydrate it, diminish wrinkles, and eliminate dark circles, shop our selection right now.


What causes dark circles under the eyes?

The most common causes of dark circles are:

Constant stress
Lack of sleep
Poor diet
Excessive sun exposure

Does drinking water reduce dark circles?

Yes, increasing your water consumption can help to diminish dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, especially if you generally don’t drink enough water. Water aids in the withdrawal of toxins from the body and helps you stay hydrated.