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If you’re looking for a light but nourishing product for your skin, a serum is exactly what you need. Whether you’re just discovering face serums or already have some experience using them, we assure you that you won’t be able to live without a serum once you find the perfect product. Face serums are lightweight skincare products that deliver tons of skin benefits. They are formulated to protect, hydrate, and nourish the skin. Serums are usually used as the second step in a skincare routine, which comes right after cleansing.

What Is A Face Serum?

Compared to most other skincare products, serums are lightweight and contain high concentrations of different active ingredients, which means more active molecules can penetrate the skin and get into cells. This makes them effective in moisturising the face and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. Serums can also brighten the skin tone and keep the skin soothed. Because of the higher concentration of active ingredients in serums, they deliver the desired results faster than any other skincare product. They are also available in different formats.

Scientists have found that using a serum together with a face cream increases its effectiveness. You can apply a serum to your skin after cleansing the face and boost the benefits of this product by layering face cream on top of it. 

Premium eye serum and anti-ageing face cream by Dr. Kinsella create a powerful duo, allowing you to reap all the benefits and see amazing results in no time.

Face Serum Benefits

Serums Get Absorbed Quickly

While moisturisers and other products take some time to get absorbed into the skin, serums have low viscosity, which allows your skin to absorb them in no time. Additionally, if you apply a serum before other skin products, it will not only deliver its own benefits but also allow other products to penetrate more easily. Essentially, if you want to maximise all the benefits of your moisturiser or face cream, apply a serum first.

They Nourish and Soothe the Skin

Face serums are excellent for self-care, as they soothe all irritated areas of the skin, hydrate and nourish it. Serums are also great for people with oily skin or those prone to acne. All in all, serums are great for making your skin appear vibrant and glowing.

If you feel like your moisturiser has only a short-term effect, try applying a serum beforehand. Using a serum will help your skin to feel hydrated all day long, as it will help it to retain moisture. 

Serums Have an Anti-Ageing Effect

Serums give your skin a powerful collagen boost, which makes it look more plump and firm. It’s natural for our skin to age, but ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines are more visible on dry skin. Using face serums helps to keep your skin moisturised, which helps keep wrinkles at bay.

A face serum is a crucial part of any anti-ageing skincare routine. If you notice small wrinkles around your eyes, lips, or nose, choose serums that contain haloxyl and fucogel, such as Dr. Kinsella premium eye serum. Vitamin C is another active anti-ageing ingredient in this product that targets wrinkles and fine lines. This potent serum will help make your skin more firm and toned. Apply a few drops of premium eye serum from Dr. Kinsella to your skin after cleansing and combine it with an anti-ageing face cream for a more potent effect.

Serums Protect Your Skin 

Serums also act as a shield that protects your skin from environmental pollutants. They safeguard the skin from UV light and air pollution while also delivering a boost of active ingredients to the skin. Free radicals are the main cause of skin damage, and while we can’t avoid them completely, we can protect our skin by using serums and sunblock.

They Deliver Fast Results

Usually, beauty products need some time to deliver actual results, but with serums, you’ll notice real results after just a few applications! This is because serums not only improve your skin with the ingredients contained in them but also allow you to fully reap all the benefits of other skincare products. Serums also contain high concentrations of ingredients and are absorbed more easily than face creams and moisturisers.

Serums Are Lightweight

It may seem like oil-based products clog your skin and take a long time to absorb, but it’s not the case with serums, which often contain oils. Serums feel more silky and watery than oil on the face; they are very light and not greasy at all. They are also suitable for people with oily skin. 

In fact, if you have oily skin, it’s recommended to use oil-based products like serums or glow oils because eliminating oil from your skincare makes your skin produce more sebum on its own, which leads to clogged pores. Not all oil-based products are suitable for people with oily skin, but premium eye serum by Dr. Kinsella is one of the few remedies that work very well on this skin type.

Serums Can Reduce Dark Spots

Our skin is constantly exposed to UV light, which can cause skin discolouration and dark spots. Serums have been proven to clear up the skin and even out the skin tone. If you start applying a serum in the morning or at night after cleansing, you will soon notice your complexion becoming more even. However, you still shouldn’t forget to apply sunscreen.

They Brighten The Skin

Our skin has a tendency to lose its radiance as we age. While most people use highlighters to bring back some of that glow, serums can easily lend your skin a vibrant look. For example, Dr. Kinsella eye serum contains caffeine and other active ingredients that effectively manage dark circles and improve the colour of the skin under your eyes.

Serums Make The Skin Plump

As we age, our skin gradually becomes saggier because it loses moisture and volume. This effect is especially visible in delicate areas such as under the eyes or on cheekbones. Serums help the skin retain moisture and make these areas look more plump.

How To Use Face Serums

If you’re new to using face serums, here are some general recommendations on how and when to use these skincare products.

You can apply a serum once or twice a day in the morning and at night after cleansing and toning the face. Moisturisers and face creams should be applied after a serum, as this will help your skin to retain moisture more efficiently.

After cleansing your skin, apply a few drops of serum to your face and neck and gently massage it into your skin. If you’re using an eye serum, delicately massage 1 or 2 drops of the product under your eyes. Once the serum dries out, apply your face cream and other skincare products. 

Premium Eye Serum By Dr. Kinsella

This weightless eye serum is suitable for all types of skin, including acne-prone. It’s formulated with lots of active ingredients such as vitamin C, fucogel, CBD, D-panthenol, caffeine, and haloxyl – all of which successfully manage ageing signs, dark circles, and saggy skin. For example, this eye serum contains vitamin C, which is a powerhouse of antioxidants that protects the skin from free radical damage and reverses the harmful effects of these agents. Vitamin C also visibly brightens the skin and makes the skin tone more even. At the same time, fucogel and haloxyl contained in this product are effective in brightening dark circles.

Overall, the premium eye serum by Dr. Kinsella targets the sensitive under-eye area and works on reducing puffiness and small wrinkles. 


Do I need both a serum and a moisturiser?

Yes, it’s recommended to combine serums with moisturisers or face creams for a more potent effect. Serums boost the benefits of moisturisers by locking in the moisture and nourishing your skin with extra vitamins and nutrients.

Are serums good for your face?

Yes, serums are very good for your face as they are lightweight skin care products that quickly get absorbed into your skin and deliver active ingredients straight to your cells. Serums also help to lock in the benefits of a moisturiser or face cream that you apply on top of them.

Can we use face serum daily?

Yes, you can and should use face serums every day. It’s recommended to apply a serum after cleansing your face once or twice a day, in the morning and at night.

What are the benefits of using a face serum?

Face serums offer many benefits for the skin. They keep the skin hydrated, soothe sensitive areas, reduce ageing signs, and give the skin a more plump appearance. Serums also protect your skin from pollution and free radicals.

Are serums really necessary?

Yes, skin experts highly recommend using serums as the second step in any skincare routine (after cleansing). Serums deliver lots of benefits, as they contain high concentrations of active ingredients. They usually contain antioxidant, anti-ageing, and moisturising ingredients that even out the complexion, soothe the skin, and make it more firm and vibrant.

How long do you leave a serum on?

Once you apply a serum to your face, wait a few minutes for it to fully absorb before layering a moisturiser or face cream on top of it. High-quality serums such as the premium eye serum by Dr. Kinsella quickly get absorbed into the skin, leaving it hydrated and plump.