Clinical Studies


clinical Evaluation

Start date:

8th September 2021

Conclusion date:

6th October 2021

To be able to determine the potency of Dr. Kinsella Eye Serum, a study needed to be conducted that could prove the efficacy of decreasing the eye bags volume, improving the dark circles and decreasing the wrinkles depth, in this eye serum. A blinded randomised clinical study was planned for the evaluation of the Dr. Kinsella Eye Serum in decreasing the eye bags’ volume With this clinical study, we aimed to assess four crucial goals:

To perform this study, one group of 22 healthy female subjects between 35 years old and 60 years old, presenting under eyes puffiness and dark circles, and visible wrinkles on the crows feet area are enrolled the investigational product (eye serum) is applied with the ring fingers fingertips over the cleansed skin around the eye contour area, including the under eye area and the crows feet area, twice a day, at mornings and at evenings, during 28 consecutive days.


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Wrinkle reduction

Wrinkles depth mean results obtained before and after 28 days of consecutive application of the investigational product eye serum.

After 28 days of the investigational product Dr. Kinsella Eye Serum, a mean decrease of 5 91 µm in the wrinkles depth was observed; decreasing for the subjects with a mean decrease of 18% – 41% among these subjects and with a maximum decrease of 41% – 51%.

Wrinkle depth study

Wrinkle depth mean values obtained before (t0) and after 28 days (t28) of consecutive products use – Dr. Kinsella Eye Serum.


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Filtered coloured eye bags picture obtained with PRIMOS at baseline (start date).


Filtered coloured eye bags picture obtained with PRIMOS 28 days (end date) after consecutive products application.


The most relevant results that can be concluded from this study are statistically significant results in the eye bags volume were observed 28 days after consecutive application of the investigational product comparatively to the baseline, meaning that the product had a positive anti puffiness effect after 28 days of use.